Counter Terror Quick Reaction

The Tactical Counter Terror Training Course we teach is a radically different approach from any other combat shooting/ force response technique.

Success is based solely on actual performance.

This combat system has the distinct advantage of having proven effective time and again, more than any other system of its kind. The guiding principle of our method is to neutralize the threat quickly, in the simplest and most intuitive way possible. Aggressiveness, decisiveness, accuracy and speed are all integral elements of this method. A proper mindset is emphasized to carry out the method.

Stress is introduced throughout the training regimen in order to get the trainees accustomed to the pressure associated with actual events. This commonsense approach is specifically geared for deadly-force situations rather than shooting competition. Often techniques that bring X-ring accuracy on the range simply fail under stress.

This course is designed to teach law enforcement and military professionals the tactics and techniques they need to stay alive in an increasingly dangerous workplace. We start with the fundamentals of CQB focusing on classroom, moving on to dry movement and culminating with Force on Force CQB scenarios. This is a challenging course that will allow you to “test” your tactics, techniques and procedures in a dynamic and stressful environment (we will be using airsoft for the scenarios). Other topics covered will include mindset, adhoc team building and countering coordinated attacks.


Familiarizing the weapons / Operational weapons check / Safety Instructions

The instinctive operational shooting method / Aiming and pointing / One and two hands shooting

Drawing and cocking / Breaking and shooting while walking/running / Shooting in various positions: standing, kneeling, lying

Weapons jam: magazines replacement and handling malfunctions / Turns at 90, 180, U-shape, V-shape against multiple opponents

Switching between pistol and carbine / Shooting from behind cover / Clearing open territory with opening barricades and usage of cover

Shooting on the move between targets 360 degrees / Distinction between enemy and civilians

Combined surprise combat exercises / Advanced methods – aggressiveness, decisiveness, speed and accuracy