SCP&CO Franchising

What is SCP&CO Franchising

With business format franchising, you can join SCP&Co complete business package. 

Becoming a franchising of SCP you will become the image, interest and independent logistic office into your area with the SCP Support, procedures and formation.

The licence to this format as franchisees is guarantee by the mother company , Sector Close Protection, with the legal use of SCP brand, name, marketing and connections to deliver any of the security services.

Private or Gov services

  • Technical Surveillance Counter
  • Measures (TSCM)
  • Residential Security
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Protective Surveillance
  • Security Trained Drivers
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Review and analysis
  • Security consultancy and strategic business intelligence
  • Risk assessment and crisis management training
  • Security training&formation ( in SCP Training Camp)
  • Personnel and asset protection
  • Security driver, Events, Congress
  • Value transportation

Our franchising requirments

Our focuses specifically on business format franchising and provide a professional management support and assistance over any request.Main requests to be eligible to a franchising option-

  • Background clearance and experience in Managing short/long time contracts into Private/Gov private security camp.
  • Enlist professional character to perform a task/contract requirements
  • Managerial and organizer skills with proven experience.
  • Legal Office supported if possible a Training Ground option is a plus


In order the success of our collaboration and to ensure a mutual winning we work together as partnership in base of several considerations – 

– we can minimize the cost of deploying our personnel into your area, instead of transferring the managing and procedure to a trusted partner who can present our interest and vision in security services been at the same time having the know how in the area being a plus for our client and his peace of mind.

 We already make strong connection in several countries and locations apart from our legal offices from Italy, France and UK in Eu and Lagos Nigeria in Africa, and the interconnection between the officer is at a transparent mode between the partners.

 As a another aspect to enlist is the brand, name and support, logistic and when needed license authorization for particular requests for any of the services- -close protection and value transportation. -executive protection on meetings, congress. -risk assessment and crisis management -training and formation on any Security awareness -correlated Personnel and asset protection. We are always available for any other question.