The security professionals sourced by SCP serve royalty, celebrities, politicians, executives and other prominent individuals who require a vigilant security presence.

Personal security and Close Protection

SCP is specializes in sourcing high-end security services for individuals and businesses around the world. The close protection staffing roles we fill include:

  • Armed/non-armed bodyguard. A close protection officer’s primary responsibility is to protect the principal from risks that may include violence, kidnapping, stalking or loss of confidential information. Individuals protected by SCP include politicians under threat of terrorism, celebrities who need protection from enthusiastic fans and high-net-worth individuals at significant risk of kidnapping or violence. The bodyguard scouts locations carefully and remains alert to challenging and/or hostile situations. The close protection officer may be licensed to carry a weapon and trained in security/defensive driving in our SCP Training Camp.
  • Security driver. The  security driver specializes in the safe transport of the principal and, in some cases, an individual may require multiple drivers and vehicles. SCP carefully screens each security driver with a clean driving record, experience and training. In addition to driving, the security driver must also conduct foot patrols as required and report suspicious activity. The driver must also maintain the car or fleet to superior standards of cleanliness and operation.
  • Home security. Many individuals require more than technology to ensure the safety and security of their family members, home and possessions. SCP recruits and places residential security personnel to the world’s largest estates and well-known families in Middle-Est Asia. Responsibilities often include gate security, CCTV monitoring, surveillance, guard dog care and training.

We’ll only interview candidates who meet your exact requirements, and who we’ve carefully screened prior to representation and meet the need of our clients demand.

If you poses a minimum experience in to the Private Security Camp, and desire to join our Operative Division, or either you have the experience and the SCP Instructor position may be a suitable option for you, chose below the page to go.