Security Driver Training Courses

On EU – and especially abroad – there are well-paid opportunities for highly-trained drivers to become protection drivers on close protection teams. SCP’s popular 8-day protection driving course has helped dozens of people like you to achieve their security driving ambitions.

In addition to providing training to individuals, we also tailor needs-led training for organisations. We have substantial experience working in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The European Union (EU), United Nations (UN),  all recognise and entrust the security driving diploma released by us.

If you’re also considering training elsewhere in close protection driving, first ask what is the balance of practice versus theory, then ask how many participants does each trainer accommodate in each vehicle. We deliver practical training on an ideal 2-to-1 participant-to-trainer ratio that ensures you get lots of driving time.


SCP can offer

2-to-1 participant-to-trainer ratio, ensuring lots of practical hands-on time behind the wheel.

Intensive advanced defensive driving training (to RoSPA’s international standard)

The right balance of practise and theory – 80/20

Comprehensive advice about the professional aspects of the protection driver’s role (e.g. route recces, embus/debus drills, surveillance awareness and detection, escort driving drills and reaction-to-attack awareness)

Advanced car control on-track at SCP Training Camp.

Included: EU widely recognised advanced driving qualification/certificate and a level 3 advanced award, too.

Advice and contacts for securing professional driving work